Tuesday, December 9, 2008

QuickCheck(ing) the code I C - source

By public request; I pasted the haskell source behind the previous post on pastie (thanks to Dru) for the hint. You can find the source here. As it stands, the code is "as is" and any use is at your own risk. I have also blanked out a part, this is marked with "-- left out intentionally" and -- left out .

This is not the actual source I used during the testing, why? After testing I started trying to develop the test-code into something a bit more generic, as it stands, this is the intermediate evolved source; I believe it typechecks though.

Hope this is enjoyable in any way whatsoever; if not, simply don't look.


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Anonymous said...

heh - the anonymous someone was me.

dru xxeo.com