Saturday, August 9, 2008

Academic eBooks

Having been the owner of the Cybook Gen 3 for some days, I have fallen completely in love with the ease of buying an eBook. Books not available in my city, which could have taken 2-3 weeks from the time of ordering, are at my finger tops just within minutes!

All kinds of books are available in the Gen 3 supported formats, novels, science fiction, love, etc. However, the category (no pun intended) of books that I seek, stay unseen. I am talking about academic books, books on Category Theory, Support Vector Machines, and other parts of Computer Science. Searching the net desperately, I found some eBooks on Finite Automata and Cellular Automata. However, other sciences seem to be over represented in the set of eBooks.

By a sheer coincidence, I found Taylor & Francis, an eBook store specializing in Academia. Here, I also observed that Computer Science is gravely under-represented. In total, the catalogue of academic titles is quite thin and should be expanded.

I will try to contact some of the publishers and ask them if it's possible to buy their books in Secure Mobipocket format.

There are far too few academic titles available in eBook format, more should be added, given that academic books tend to range 400 - 900 pages, it would be a considerable improvement in terms of sustainability to keep these pages digital.


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