Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Academic eBooks

I have bought two academic titles from separate eBook sellers, and feel obliged to share the different sources of academic eBook titles I have found after several hours of press release grinding, link hunting and general coffee-drinking.

Taylor & Francis
Taylor & Francis has quite a healthy supply of books on the Computing & Information Technology section. The formats are Mobipocket, PDF and Microsoft Reader, the prices on the CS books are a bit high.

Cambridge University Press
Cambrigde eBooks has a healthy supply of books on Mathematics and Computer Science, however, I must regrettably say that as far as I have seen, all books are published as PDF's. Prices are good (low), alas, let us hope they start selling the books as Mobipockets.

Springer Link
Every well educated computer scientist ought to have a springerlink book in their library :), if you want one in your eBook reader, this is your source. Downside is: price is high, and the format is PDF.

I only found these interesting enough, there are floods of academic university libraries out there, but they don't let you buy the books. I am hopefull that more will come, to enrich the bookreaders :)


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